Thursday, July 29, 2010


Top: Loreal Extra Intense Pencil eyeliner $8.49
Middle: Stila Eye Kajal in Onyx $18.00
Bottom: MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder $14.50
Ok so here's the deal I swatched these and then about an hour later I swiped my finger across them to see how the smudging was.  I have to say as far as staying power on the skin the Loreal definately beat out the other two.  You don't need to use a black eyeshadow over the top like you would the other two if you were putting them on your skin.  I really had to work hard to rub it off with my finger and didn't completely come off until I washed my hands really well.  As far as the water line I would definately say in my opinion the Stila Eye Kajal beat out the other two it stays on my water line for the majority of the day still looking intense.  I think as far as the consistency I would say MAC won over the others because the product itself is not as soft as the other two but glides on really easy.  Stila is the softest in my opinion and doesn't work that well for me lining the top lash line it smudges to much but my favorite as far as the waterline.
Here's my conclusion
1. STILA Pro: Best for Waterline Con: Smudges to much for Top lash line/PRICE
2. LOREAL Pro:  Doesn't smudge stays on all day GREAT price Con: really hard to wash off
3.  MAC Pro:  Perfect in between eye pencil /price in between as well Con: NONE

So here you go depending on what you are looking for All are very intense black eyeliners all are great at different things.

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