Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hi there, so I wanted to post my new find. My very favorite lipstick right now is MYTH by MAC. I really like a nude mouth. With this lipstick I can add a light pink liner and lipgloss and make it more pink or a darker berry colored lipgloss and make it look darker, or I could wear a pink lipstick like Angel (MAC) and add a touch of Myth in the center of the bottom lip to add a highlight. So I found a color that is very similar, It's Revlon Matte in the color Nude attitude. You can play it up however you want with different liners or lip gloss. I have really wanted to try Creme De Nude by MAC but I'm pretty sure this is really close. Myth is a little more pink but just slightly. But it's a great color if you are looking for Nude Lips.

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