Thursday, November 11, 2010

MAC Holiday


I went to MAC yesterday to pick up the 138 Tapered Brush and The Silver Dusk Powder, and some more Myth Lipstick and I picked up this brush kit.  I have to say I really like it.  These only come out at Christmas time and people wait all year for these collections to come out.  I really have to say it's definately worth your money.  Brushes can be really expensive and if you are just starting out or need brushes for travel I think these are great.  I would have to say I prefer having the longer handles but these come in really handy.  I think the over all actual bristle parts of the brush might be a bit smaller as well.  Except for the pencil brush the bristles are exactly the same.  But I'm not sure about the others because I don't already have any of them.  I also picked up the 138 (photo below)  LOVE this brush.  It was super expensive I believe $52.00 but with my 40% discount it was $31.00 but it will last forever if you take care of them correctly.  Brushes are an investment that is so worth it.

Also I picked up two irredescent powders.  I went in the get Silver Dusk but I couldn't resist getting the Golden Bronze one as well.  I've been reading more people use Silver Dusk in the Winter use Golden Bronze in the summer which I can agree with because I just don't look tan enough to wear the Golden Bronze.  But they both are GORGEOUS!!  Perfect for highlighting the cheek bones and chest area or wherever you need a highlight.

Oh and the MOST IMPORTANT purchase was the Fast Response Eye Cream.
I hear this stuff is AMAZING and does amazing things for puffiness because of the caffeine and has other uses as well.  I will hope that it lives up to its good name. 

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