Friday, June 24, 2011


So normally I'm not a fan of Cover Girl Products.  With the exception of a few items like Lashblast Mascara and a few select eyeshadows but I was watching a review on YouTube (PrissyandPink) and she just raved about them so I thought, you know I'm in need of a new summer lipstick so I'll pick one up.  I ended up getting 2 and my absolute favorite out of the two is TEMPTRESS.  To me it's the perfect Megan Fox Lipstick, I've been looking for a color exactly like this for a really long time.  I had a very similar color back in my teen that was my only higher end lipstick and I think it might have been an Este Lauder Color.  Anyway to me this is super soft, feels really light weight but the color payoff is phenominal.  It reminds me of a stain It just really stays put all day.. and I'm not joking.. I can even eat and the color doesn't budge.  It comes in 44 different colors and it claims to give a more hydrated smoother lips in 7 days.  I always wear lipstick and add a lipgloss and with this all I need to do is apply lipstick once and then reapply my lipgloss as needed.  I can't wait to try more colors, and lastly the packaging is really sleek, I really like it. 

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