Monday, August 15, 2011

Makeup Brush Care- Brush Cleansers

Having a good brush is very important in the application of makeup.  Whether its a higher end (better quality,higher price) brush or a low end (lower quality, less expensive) they can all be good depending on what the purpose is.  I have favorites in low and high end brushes and they serve different purposes.  Proper care of our brushes is also important for maintaining quality as well as the importance of santizing our brushes to eliminate infection or cross contamination when working with clients or on ourselves.  When working with our own brushes we don't always have time to deep clean them after every use and when switching from color to color we don't always have time to wait for them to dry in between.  I recommend deep cleaning your personal brushes every 1 to 2 weeks depending on use.  Here is how I recommend cleaning them.  I start off using a mild cleanser, I like J&J's Baby Shampoo, and pour some in my hand, get the bristles wet with lukewarm water(hot water will damage your brush) paying attention not to get too much water near the ferrule(metal component) and drag your bristles into the cleanser and set aside.  Once I have them all set aside I hold them  with the bristles under the facet and rinse them clean, lightly rubbing them on my hand or between my fingers assuring proper rinsing of the cleanser.  I then pat them dry between a towel.  To assure disinfecting I spray MAC's Brush Cleanser and reshape and lay flat on a dry clean towel and let them air dry.  Don't let them dry in a cup or brush holder, the moisture can get down into the ferrule and cause damage to your brush and make the ferrule loose.  When we don't have time to do a deep cleaning it's important if you want to switch colors or a quick sanitize try MAC's Brush Cleanser or Sonia Kashuk's Brush Cleanser (I recommend doing this every 1 to 2 days).  I like them both very much and both clean really well.  If you are just switching colors and need to clean brush right away I would recommend using the MAC because it dries in seconds.  If you are just cleansing after use and don't plan on using your brushes until the next day I would recommend SK's because it takes alot longer to dry works better for reshaping in my opinion.  One that I would not recommend is the Elf brush cleanser, I know it is inexpensive but it also doesn't get my brushes clean.  It might sanitize to an extent because of the alcohol contect but doesn't remove the makeup from my brushes.  Hope this was helpful.  Now go clean your brushes!! : )

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