Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ORGANIC COCONUT OIL Unrefined Virgin Coconut oil

I am addicted.  I have been eating a teaspoon of coconut oil 3 times a day.  According to Kevin Trudeau's NATURAL "CURES" REVEALED. it falls in that "miraculous" category.  If you take a tbsp in the morning and once in the afternoon for a month, you will have lower blood pressure, depression lifted , constipation gone, arthritis pain reduced or eliminated, cancer in remission, and a major side effect.  WEIGHT LOSS! (and so many more benefits)   He says if you take it for 30 days you will probably lose 10 lbs. , I'm naturally a skeptic when it comes to this sort of thing.  There is no miracle to weight loss.  My miracle is eating low carb and exercising.  But I think I'm going to try and see for myself.  I could use a jump start or a little help if it really is a miracle.  Its organic and has health benefits so I'll give it a shot.  I started on Sunday and its now Wednesday.  I'm going to give it a whole week before I give my input.  I'm also going to use on my skin as a moisturizer.  It's also suppose to clear up acne.  I love the taste, I just want to keep eating it.  It is fat, but it's not metabolized like a regular fat.  It's used by your liver as energy instead of circulating in your blood and storing as fat.  It also boosts your metabolism and gets rid of the bad stuff in your body like fungus and things such as candida (yeast) and viruses in your body.  It boosts your energy and because it's used as energy it promotes your other fat to be used as energy too. 

After one week:   So I haven't noticed any weight loss benefits yet but I started a new workout routine so I'm not sure if that's changed some things with water weight from working on my muscles and being sore, your muscles retain water when they are repairing.  But I have noticed I've been going to the bathroom alot so that means its cleaning my system out and getting rid of the bad stuff.  I also notice it keeps my appetite in control (which is wonderful!).  I've noticed some breaking out on my chest area and face.  Hopefully that means my skin is getting rid of bad stuff.  I'm not enjoying the taste by itself anymore so I just mix a tsp in my coffee in the morning and then again either in coffee or warm water later in the day.  129.8 today.  I was at about 131 when I started but then again I've been doing a different workout routine.  I'll update in another week.

After 2 weeks.  I have noticed that the coconut oil curbs my appetite.  For weight loss I can't really say for sure because I'm on my last 5 lbs to lose so that is the hardest I have lost 2 lbs but I've also been on a new workout routine trying to build muscle and tone up....  My skin is looking great and feeling really moisturized.  I will continue to take it for all the health benefits and will update this if I notice anything else.

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