Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok so let me start by saying I think for me its really important to have a good quality brush when applying eyeshadow.  Your fingers are also great tools but I use them mostly for my foundation, I really haven't ever been one to use my fingers for applying my eyeshadow.  Now with that said my absolute favorite eye brushes are by MAC.  They are a little spendy but you can be assured that they are going to be great quality and will last a very long time if you take care of them properly.  So here are my Top Ten Must Haves:

MAC 217  Blending Brush
MAC 239 Flat Brush
MAC 219 Pencil Brush
MAC 263 Angled Brush
MAC 236 Angled Face Brush
Eco Tools Concealer brush
Sonya Kashuk Angled Liner Brush
Sonya Kashuk Beauty Sponge
Borghese Big Powder Brush
Eyelash curler (obviously not a brush but an important tool)

So there it is.  I hope this was somewhat helpful.  It seems like alot of brushes that I use everyday but they do what I need them to do and wouldn't want to do my makeup without them.   What are your favorite brushes?


Artemi said...

Great choices!
I wish i could afford MAC...

But anyways,
i love a flat top badger brush from ebay for my liquid foundation,it is amazing and costs only 7.99$!
For e/s i love some from Essence of beauty and some random from makeup geek store..
For packing color on the lid i adore the ELF e/s brush,it is sooo good!

That's it!


Teresa said...

I've heard alot about the Elf products but they don't carry them at the Targets that are close to me. :)